Corbels & Quoins


Corbel Chamfered Profile

Code Width Height
CBQ2 215mm 215mm
CBQ3 300mm 215mm


Corbel Quadrant Profile

Code Width Height Length
CBQ2 100mm 215mm 440mm
CBQ3 150mm 290mm 600mm


Corbel ‘S’ Profile

Code Width Height
CBS2 215mm 215mm
CBS3 300mm 215mm


Plain Quoin

Code Front Length Side Length Height
PQ1 330mm 215mm 140mm
PQ2 440mm 215mm 140mm
PQ3 330mm 215mm 215mm
PQ4 440mm 215mm 215mm
PQ5 330mm 215mm 290mm
PQ6 440mm 215mm 290mm


Chamfered Quoin

Code Front Length Side Length Height
CQ1 330mm 215mm 140mm
CQ2 440mm 215mm 140mm
CQ3 330mm 215mm 215mm
CQ4 440mm 215mm 215mm
CQ5 330mm 215mm 290mm
CQ6 440mm 215mm 290mm

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