Our main speciality at York Brick and Stone is the production of bespoke brick arches. We are able to produce intricate and attractive brick arches to customers' requirements for new build projects.

Arch Installation

We also specialise in the faithful reproduction of existing or damaged arches for listed and other sensitive buildings. Arches can be supplied complete with an integral lintel ready for installation and pointing to match the surrounding brickwork.

Elliptical ArchesThe illustrated elliptical trio of arches was pre-fabricated in our workshops and installed with a crane. The front, back and soffits are faced in red rubber brick and pointed with 3mm joints of lime mortar.

On some arches the soffit needs to be visible, for example in the case of revealed sash windows.

Where this is necessary we would also cover the soffit with pistol slips as shown.

Splayed ArchArches are usually supplied unpointed to allow for the same mortar used on site to be used on the arch as shown in the partly pointed example.

However, if required, we can point the arch in-house. This is usually necessary when the joint width is less than 6mm as it is very difficult to insert the mortar into the joints.

Arches can be produced in a wide variety of styles to suit any building.

  Splayed Arch

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