Replica Chimneys

Our prefabricated lightweight chimneys have been developed to satisfy the growing demand for planning authorities insisting on a return to traditional appearance of roof lines and developers looking to produce the aesthetics without having to radically change either the roof design or the footprint of the house type to incorporate any additional masonry or steel support.

Our replica chimneys are available in three finishes:

Brick - bricks are cut into thin slips and corners to exactly reproduce the colour and texture on the stack of the main brickwork.

Render - the GRP waterproof box can either be pre-finished in a render type product or simply left with an expimet finish for site to render and match the exact colour and texture.

Stone - natural and reconstituted stone stacks have successfully been reproduced in a similar format to the brick stacks.

The chimneys are available for the following roof designs: mid ridge, gable end, mono pitch and flat roofs. If you require a non standard bespoke design, we would be pleased to discuss with you the options available to reproduce a design sympathetically whilst always bearing in mind weight and cost limitations.

Drawings of standard fixing details are included as part of the design service, along with a fixing kit including the lead mastic, clips, fixing bolts and washers.

All our chimneys include the brit-lite flashing channel which ensures a simple and extremely effective flashing detail to ensure the stack remains water tight at all times.

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